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3D Bikefit

We carry many unique brands of both bicycles and components, but we excel at providing custom frames from Italy and building your bike to any specification.

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Our philosophy on bike fitting: We believe in giving the rider the ultimate fit experience. We believe in providing the best possible unbiased service to the rider. We have invested in the best diagnostic and fitting equipment in the world. We pay great attention to detail and have a large variety of components to achieve the perfect fit; this includes the Retul Müve Adjustable Bike.

Rider's Report –

You will receive a complete detailed report of your bike fit including:

1. Pre-Fit assessment

2. During-Fit assessment

3. Post-Fit assessment

4. Before and After photo of positions

5. Detailed rider measurements and angles using Retül 3D Motion Capture

6. Detailed bicycle measurements and angles using Retül Zin Tool

You will be going through the following process with Retül 3D motion capture and 2D video and leveling lasers (at a minimum).

1. Digital measurement of your current bike using the Retül Zin Tool

2. Extensive rider history and goals

3. Foot assessment

4. Body and flexibility assessment

5. Pedaling assessment

6. Retül 3D motion capture fitting at the sagittal plane

7. Video motion capture at the sagittal and frontal plane

8. Hips, knees, foot assessment at the frontal plane

9. Foot and pedal interface assessment (fore-arm, rotation, varus-valgus, stance width and leg length)

10. Full report of rider and bicycle