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​​Who needs a bike fit?
Everyone needs a bike fit. If you want to be comfortable, efficient and powerful on your bike, then a bike fit is your first step. Without proper form and fit from the start, your body will get comfortable with whatever position it is in on the bike. But over time, injuries will happen and your body will not be so comfortable anymore. A bike fit is highly recommended for a long-lasting relationship with your bike.

What is the difference between bike fitting and bike sizing?
Bike sizing is something that is done to determine the correct bike frame size for your body. Bike fitting is the next step that actually alters the bike to fit the cyclists unique body architecture to maximize efficiency and comfort.
Bike sizing and bike fitting can – and sometimes should – go hand in hand. Be careful when shops are offering bike fitting as part of the sale. A bike fit should only be done by a certified professional and should take at least 2 hours or more. Measuring your limbs and looking at you up and down is not considered as a bike fit.
​When should I get a bike fit? A bike fit can be done before you purchase your dream bike to determine the correct size or while using your current bike. Basically, a bike fit can be done at any time to greatly improve your comfort, increase power and efficiency as well as decrease your chances of injury.

How are your services priced and why only one price? We believe in giving the rider the ultimate bike fit experience. With exceptional service, we provide all of the necessary information and feedback required to the client, in an unbiased manner. Unbiased, meaning that we are not bound by any retail attachments. We have invested in the best diagnostic and fitting equipment in the world and we plan to fully utilize it.

Should I get a bike fit before I buy a bike? Yes. This will give you certainty on the fit of your new purchase. The fit session will be done on the Retül Müve Fit Bike and the ideal coordinates will be determined prior to your new bike purchase. After the fit, we use the Retül Frame Finder to quickly determine if your dream bike truly fits. Remember, not all bikes are created equal as some are long or short, while some are tall and narrow. After your fit coordinates are established, we can also help you find your perfect bike!

​Can you just look at my foot and pedal interface? We do not simply fit the foot and pedals. The reason being is if the fit is done well and correctly at the sagittal plane, many issues at the frontal plane can be resolved. This is based on the experiences and data from different certified fitting protocols. Again, we would only like to provide the best service possible and a full fitting experience is the only way to go.

When do you use the Müve Fit Bike? The Müve Fit Bike can be used in a couple of ways. If you do not already have a bike and you are considering one or want to build a custom frame, we would do the fit on the Müve. After your coordinates are determined, we will use Frame Finder to find your dream bike or build it for you! Another not so obvious reason for the use of the Müve Fit Bike, is if we have determined that your current bike is the wrong size, we would quickly jump on the Müve and determine the correct frame size for you.

What do I need to bring to a fit session? 1. Riding gear (or tight/form fitting clothes) 2. Bicycle, if not being fitted on the Müve Fit Bike 3. Cycling shoes 4. Pedals 5. Heart rate monitor – if available 6. Aero helmet if being fitted on a time trial or triathlon bike 7. A towel 8. For mountain bike fits, please bring your usual riding gear such as Camelbak, tool kits, etc. (this will be used to determine proper suspension sag)

How long will a fit session take? A typical fit session will take between 3 to 5 hours. Be prepared to learn lots and work hard.

What to expect in a fitting session? In simple terms, you will be going through an extensive interview, full body assessment, equipment documentation, 3D motion capture, 2D video capture, photo capture and a full report.

What type of bicycle can be fitted? A road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross bike, time trail bike and a triathlon bike can be fitted.
What if we discover your bike is the wrong size? If we discover your bike is the wrong size, the fully adjustable Retül Müve Fit Bike will be used to determine the correct size for you.
Can you recommend a bike for me? Yes, we can definitely recommend something for you. Let us be your guide!