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Event Sponsors for 2016


About the New Humber River Hospital

The New Humber River Hospital opened on October 18th, 2015, it is known as North America's first fully digital and most energy efficient hospital. The project is unique, innovative and urgent. HEH Foundation was spearheading a $225 million campaign to build and equip a hospital that will transform healthcare for a community that has been overlooked for too long.

They implemented a completely innovative design that enables a rigorous model of patient-centered care, empowering patients and their families, maximizing out doctors' and nurses talents and revolutionized our city's overworked healthcare system.

The support of the many riders and non-riders, as well as our amazing sponsors were part of this wonderful initiative last year. The Giro D'Niagara is an opportunity to bring together those with a passion for cycling, but more importantly, to show support for The New Humber River Hospital.

Support from this event has let the public know that our guests and riders are committed to promoting health and wellness in our community. As a sponsor of the Giro D'Niagara, you will be provided with the opportunity to promote their brand, product or service directly to event participants and their families, as well as to an extended network of individuals in and around the community. Last year, guest were given gift bags with valuables to thank them for their support of this event. Riders were treated with Cat5Gear bag along with other promotional items such as t-shirts, etc. also to thank them for their participant in our event. This year's ride, we strive to offer much more to our riders and guest for a memorable experience. 

Most importantly all guests & riders will be supporting an important cause - the Humber River Hospital. Your Sponsorship will be noted by peers who will recognize and deeply appreciate your amazing contribution!

To sponsor the event please Contact Us.

Spin Kicks was delighted to host last years Giro D'Niagara on Sunday, August 7th, 2016.

The event was in support of the Humber River Hospital Foundation.

It was hosted at the beautiful Ridgepoint Winery AT 3900 Cherry Avenue in Lincoln, Ontario; where it began at 7am, with breakfast and registration.

The Giro began at 8/9am and carried riders across 120km, 75km and/or 25km of the scenic Niagara escarpment! Motorcycle and mechanical support was provided for each route, while delicious pit stops were throughout the route as well.

Prior, during and after the ride, guests and riders were provided a complimentary massage! After the challenging preferred route throughout the spectacular views of the countryside as seen in endless farms, orchids and groves that encompass Southern Ontario, cyclists and their guests enjoyed a beautifully prepared lunch, including wine!

The Giro D'Niagara was created as a way to bring enthusiastic individuals together in the spirit of health and fitness to support a great cause.