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​​​Hand Built Custom Wheels


Our bike mechanic has over 10 years of experience. We specialize in custom bicycle wheels - we've built more than a thousand wheels to date! 

We offer the finest craftsmanship in wheels. Our process includes lacing, tensions, dishing, stress relieving, and final truing close to perfection! 

Tools used in the process:

1. Morizumi Spoke C&T Machine

2. Wheel Smith Spoke Thread Compound or Pure Raw Linseed Oil

3. Park Pro Stand

4. Twist-Resist Pliers

5. FSA Spoke Tension Meter

If wheels are properly built, they will need little if any truing, ever. The rim or hub should fail before the spokes. Our guarantee covers spoke breakage and truing for 5 years. How true will your wheels be? That depends on how true the rim is. Some rims are better than others and the sad truth is, that in order to keep prices under control some rim makers are not as particular about the straightness of their rims as they roll out of the factory as we would like them to be.

When we build a wheel, we want to end up with a wheel that is round and true. It shouldn't have any perceptible hop or wobble, and the spoke tension should be the same for all of the spokes on each side of the wheel. Most rear wheels will have higher tension on the right side of the spokes than on the left side, that's normal. But a perfect wheel would have all the right side spokes at exactly the same tension, and the same for the left side spokes. however sometimes we can't get a wheel to be both round and true, and have perfectly even tension all around. That's because the irregularities in the rim itself. If the rim isn't perfectly round and/or true, the spoke tension cannot be even and that does not result in a round and true wheel. Top quality rims from Mavic, DT Swiss and Velocity are generally perfectly round and true. The most we ever see is a slight vertical dip (1mm) at the joint on some of the Mavic Rims, and an occasional hop at the joint of the velocity Deep V. It rarely happens and it's almost never enough to affect the wheel in any way.

With expensive rims, our standards when building them are very high. We stock hubs from Campagnolo, Shimano, DT Swiss, Miche, Suzue, Formula and Rims from Mavic, Ambosio and Velocity. We build with Wheel Smith and Sapim spokes.