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TOP 3 ways to bet on online football to win over 90% (Part 2)

2. Refer to the odds from many different bookmakers

The advice for everyone is not to bet on a single dealer. Currently, in the betting market there are many different reputable bookmakers, so each match the bookmakers will offer their respective odds. It is best to set up multiple betting accounts at many bookmakers to be able to compare bets to make it easier. At the same time, it will help you to make more accurate judgments about the results in each match.

In addition, each different bookie will offer different promotions for their members. Therefore, being a member at many bookies will help players get a lot of information, especially earning a huge profit from promotions.

Consider and consider carefully the odds before placing bets on each match and see the results on many different bookmakers. On that basis, it will help you to compare the odds most accurately between the bookmakers that will help find the right bet values ​​in each match.

3. Should not participate in betting on multiple matches

The player’s mentality always thinks that betting on many different soccer teams will increase their chances of winning at a high level. But in reality, this is the exact opposite. Because when participating in betting on many matches, there will be information confusion, confusion about the odds in each ball match. That means you need to spend more time calculating and thinking more and will also lead to wrong bets. Mistakes mean you lose your bet.

The best way to bet football is that you should only bet on each team once. In case of experience, a maximum of 3 teams should be wagered, then the chance of winning is high.

Hopefully, the information provided above has helped all players know how online football betting has a 90% chance of winning. But this is only for reference information, the win / loss depends a lot on each player, so please take the time to learn and accumulate experience to increase your chances of winning.

TOP 3 ways to bet on online football to win over 90% (Part 1)

The form of entertainment betting on football betting is now widely chosen by many people and earning huge profits. But to do this, it is necessary to go through a process of accumulating experience in online football betting, in order to increase your chances of winning.

What is online football betting?

What is online soccer betting? This question is interested by many players and discussed together on different forums or fanpages. Accordingly, the Soi Keo Tot experts who share the form of participating in football betting are that players rely on the odds offered to bet, when they win, they will get the corresponding profit. if you lose it will be empty.

Accordingly, before placing a bet, everyone needs to consider carefully to choose a reputable dealer to participate in betting to avoid fraud. In addition, it is necessary to learn about the rules of the game, gain more experience as well as correct betting strategies that have a high chance of winning. Exact online soccer betting methods are important, so each player is constantly learning and gaining experience!

Currently, there are many precise football betting methods shared by many experts, but you need to know how to select information to find the correct betting strategy. On the Good Bet Information Channel, football betting experts have shared about the ways to bet football online with more than 90% accuracy as follows:

 Update information regarding betting

For those who love the sport of football they will search for information related to that match, with football betting entertainment too if you like, please update the information. related to it. The best search for: each football team is also facing each other, their respective odds, methods of betting, the respective rights and obligations of players at each dealer, etc.

It is best to learn thoroughly, with depth to have a certain chance of winning. There is also a lot of relevant information you need to exploit thoroughly every small detail. These issues will assist as much as possible in the analysis and making a high degree of accuracy.

Instructions on how to bet on tennis at an online betting casino

Tennis is a sport game between two people using a net to hit a ball across the opponent’s field and based on that to calculate points. To meet the needs of players, top reputable bookmakers have introduced tennis betting. So let’s learn about tennis betting right now!

Tennis betting is where players place bets on the odds on tennis matches offered by the house. Tennis betting has only 2 teams usually 2 players competing against each other; or 4 players divided into 2 pairs of matches.

Tennis is a very developed and relatively easy sport to play; and easy to bet.

If a match site is moved to another place then all bets will be void. In the event of a match’s playing time being changed either plus or less to divide the win or lose all bets on that match will be void.

If a match is postponed or suspended then all bets will remain valid once the match is completed. If open bets are placed on each player or by game during a match then the match is postponed; or the player is disqualified for the duration of the match; then all wagers will be refunded for any bets placed on this match.

With parlays, when there are exceptions to the above matches, the parlay bets will automatically be considered for departure.

In the case of a match that starts before the scheduled match, bets placed before the match time will be considered an exception. Otherwise bets placed after the match has started will be considered void.

Types of Tennis bets

  • Open Bet: This is a bet in which a player will predict who will eventually win; Similar to the European handicap in football.
  • Handicap: Similar to football handicap; The tennis handicap is the house’s judgment of whoever is stronger will take a certain handicap. With tennis, it is usually 1 game handicap.
  • Over / under: The dealer will issue a number; and it is the player’s job to predict the total number of games played in this tennis match; will be higher or lower than the number given by the dealer. This big ball bet in tennis is similar to the big ball bet in football.
  • Odd / Even bet: An even bet is a player predicting whether the total number of games in the match will be an odd or even number to decide whether to win or lose.
  • Predict the winner of the first game: Simply predict which player or team will win the first game of the match.
  • Shake bet: Similar to soccer ball; Players can place bets over the course of the match until the end. Shake bets are applicable for handicap and over bet.
  • Note when participating in tennis betting

Tennis is an individual or team game of two people. There was no change so it was very common for the opponents to give up. Therefore Tennis players should refer to a few terms when their opponents give up in betting.

When a competitor retires, most of the house will cancel the game handicap. When betting live on a tennis match, the time between games is very important. Take the mid-game break to be more active with your bets.

5 benefits of playing sports betting online (Part 3)

4. Bet at any time and extremely convenient

There are many different types of entertainment, but we cannot play them every day. This could be because they are expensive or simply can’t afford to participate every day. But when playing sports betting is different, every day there are hundreds of markets for you to play, very rich and diverse in genres.

You can also enjoy sports betting comfortably at home. Any free time, because you only need a phone, you can play any betting game, through online sports sites like  Letou, W88, Fb88, Fun88 …

Niềm vui cược thể thao

5. Easy to start and very safe

Just scroll through the internet and you will see hundreds of sports bookie sites offering. Membership registration takes just a few minutes. With the bookmakers operating in the Canada market, all cashew transactions in Canada currency and transactions via banks are extremely convenient.

The bookmakers are Asia’s leading big betting companies, and your information and transactions are kept strictly confidential. You do not have to be afraid of the intervention of the authorities in Canada.

thu nhập cá cược thể thao


Bet for fun and only bet the money you are comfortable losing, sports betting can be a great entertainment. People tend to talk negatively about things they don’t understand. Don’t let them falter you by trying something interesting that interests you.

With that said, sports betting is an activity that comes with a lot of benefits. Most people do not know because they have never experienced it. If you are serious about online gambling, you can not only have fun, but also have the potential to make money as a real investor.

Is sports betting really good?

What is football betting? Whether taking part in betting really well is the question of many people. Participating in betting if too far can lead to bad consequences, so you should think carefully before deciding to play.

Besides betting there are many other healthy entertainment options for you to choose from.

What is football betting?

Soccer betting is a form of betting on a soccer match or tournament. The betting player will use money or an object of equivalent value to transact with the dealer when betting. Before the match takes place, the dealer will provide information about the team and the odds for the player to select.

Cá độ bóng đá là gì? 1

Currently, the form of betting via the Internet is very much interested in. To participate in online betting, you need to create a personal account at the online dealer to choose between betting or playing online games at the house.

Consequences of football betting

First, it is illegal for the big gamblers to spend a lot of money to invest in betting with a value of 2 million or more. Besides, when losing the bet, the player’s psychology is affected, not stable. The loser has the mentality of wanting to get back the lost money, but the more you play, the more you lose.

Cá độ bóng đá là gì? mẹo cá cược bóng đá chính xác nhất - ABCALLIANCE

Maybe you are not aware of the cases of insolvency loss that causes the debtor to commit acts of robbery or theft to have money attached to the debt. Some people even think about it and commit suicide, leaving family and relatives with huge debt and great pain of loss.

The second case for the negative effect of betting is that the domestic teams have half-degree behavior, fixing the score.

With the above cases not only sanctioned at the administrative level. That is also the reason why the state does not legalize all forms of gambling and betting. The above information clearly explains what football betting is and the consequences of playing it. Please think carefully before deciding to play betting.

5 benefits of playing sports betting online (Part 2)

2. Cost of buying pleasure at cheap prices

If you view sports betting as a way of buying fun (like drinking coffee or drinking), the cost will be very cheap, not only that you can also make money when you win, the fun will be duplicated.

Many sports bettors believe that when you participate in research and predict sports matches, and making the correct choice is more enjoyable when participating in other recreational activities. If you consider betting entertainment to be entertaining, you will find its value far greater than your money.

For example, with the same amount of money spent only a few tens of thousands for a cup of coffee, you can bet and go through many bows while watching a match.

3. Find the ability to make money to increase income

The great thing about gambling is that you can make money, this is the truth. Many professional gamblers see this as their routine. Of course betting is winning or losing, but with the growth of information today, it is easy to learn the odds as well as research before placing a bet. Thereby the rate of winning will be higher than losing, your income also depends on your capital.

thu nhập cá cược thể thao

But it must be added that nothing is easy, everything has to go through its process. We recommend you try the experience first to see if you are suitable. Currently the bookie allows you to bet a minimum of only $1,5. You can research and learn, once you have acquired the knowledge and experience, can place a higher bet, thereby finding more income. It is not rare for people to buy a house and a car just by betting, this is the income channel you must be really serious about.

5 benefits of playing sports betting online (Part 1)

Playing betting has existed for a long time in history, when you look at the movies from the past, you can see betting games such as martial arts, horse racing, dog racing considered by the ancients as entertainment.

Nowadays with the development of the Internet, betting is growing strongly. With just one smartphone, you can participate in all sports betting games anytime, anywhere.

To analyze the benefits of online sports betting, we will look at what sports betting is?

Niềm vui cược thể thao

Sports betting is placing money and predicting a specific sporting event, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing … if you predict correctly you will win, thereby getting your winnings. With traditional betting, players make bets on their own, but when betting through the house, the dealer is the one that offers, you only need to choose the outcome you think is correct. 

Sports betting is offered by bookmakers for almost every sport, most commonly football. Here we will look at 5 benefits of online sports betting .

1. Sports betting is entertaining at all times

For those who love sports, such as watching football live is fun, but when you bet on the match you’re watching, the excitement multiplies, and nothing is better than you win that match. 

thu nhập cá cược thể thao

We all have our favorite football teams to watch, but not every day our favorite team plays. You have to wait a week, or even a few years to see the big soccer tournaments like the World Cup, the Euro … Instead you can watch the other football tournaments taking place every day around the world. However, it will be extremely boring to watch football without you knowing anything about the team. 

If betting on that match is a different story, now the team you trust will become your favorite team throughout the match. Sports betting will help you do just that, which will keep you entertained when watching any match.

History of sports betting you should know

Sports today play an important role in everyday life. People who like to play sports also become sports fans, cheering on their favourite team. Fans do not simply enjoy watching, they also like to bet on events. Sports betting really has a long history and has been around for centuries.

Historians find it difficult to determine exactly when sports betting originated, even though they know it existed thousands of years when people bet on the outcome of an event. Betting has been popular since ancient Rome, where betting can only be placed in the city of Rome in horse racing or circus races. And this form of entertainment continues to take place in society in the following years until now.

Lịch sử của cá cược thể thao

And one issue of sports betting that is of great interest is the legality of this kind. Over the centuries, the popularity of sports betting in each country has been different depending on the political wave of that country. Today, many countries see betting as an opportunity for criminal organizations to form, while others think that it is one of the ways to help increase tax revenue, thereby helping the country develop well. than.

One of the most popular subjects at that time was horse racing, horse racing betting was popular in England in the early 18th century, and legal. Then, in turn, other countries like Canada and New Zealand have established rules to legalize and control betting.

In recent decades, sports betting has made significant turning points due to the contribution of the internet. Starting with casino casinos launching online casino games, then online betting becomes more diverse with the appearance of other sports. And at that time, betting players felt that betting online was much more convenient. From there, online sports betting became popular today. There are many names known as Dafabet, M88, W88, etc.

So far there are many sports for online betting. There is even the presence of esports – Esports.

Although still some countries have not yet legalized this form of entertainment. But sports betting has now become an industry that attracts a large number of customers and is legal in many countries.

What are the online casino betting trends during the covid-19 season?

 Many services are currently in a shutdown phase. So what is the betting trend during the covid-19 season while this form is still constantly hot.

1. Traditional bets

Currently some people are betting in the form of not being able to participate and satisfy their passion. Because most of the traditional betting sites around the world are closed for general safety.

In addition, the form of playing ball through intermediaries will have to communicate through a person or a group of people at the cafe. Thus the level of spread and danger will increase rapidly. Because you cannot predict the exposure of others in recent times.

Especially when the traditional bet points only hit big matches. When these matches are postponed like Euro, Premier League then all must stop.

2. Online betting

Online betting is not like that. Because this form of betting is mainly online, through computer equipment and phones. You only need to be connected to the internet to deposit money. Online betting does not have a notice of deactivation.

However, there are some limitations. Such as slow money transaction time at Online casino, stop accepting membership at the online casino. However, all bets and points in the old account remain the same. You can still participate in Online casino betting and make money at home and online bookmakers.

Sports betting is delayed

The Covid -19 pandemic caused most football tournaments around the world to be canceled. Bets are feeling depressed and bored when there are no top football matches. Not only that, but the money earned from this type is also tight.

Tournaments that were hit hard as

There are over 90 rounds for the English Premier League but are currently pending for an indefinite period. The outstanding faces of the Premier League are at risk of infection, or Arsenal coach has been officially infected. Laliga, Euro also postponed similar.

Although online betting only has a few drawbacks. But online betting during the season is still your choice.

Football betting is now very popular. It especially attracts betting enthusiasts and especially young people.

Recently, although big tournaments have temporarily stopped playing, you can still satisfy your passion for betting with smaller tournaments like Belarus and efootball.

Although not as diverse as the previous match, but this form of small bets still ensure all kinds of bets. From popular contracts such as handicap rafters, talent contracts, to side bets such as corner rafters, first half contracts all are offered online odds by the online casino in the earliest time. Usually the odds of an online casino house dealer give people a bet 5-6 days before the match takes place. Therefore, players will have enough time to analyze and identify the match most accurately.

Football betting tips at online casino

The online casino with its professionalism and prestige has become a top choice and has attracted a growing number of players.

Therefore, football betting on online casino has promised to be an investment channel to bring the best profit. However, not everyone who plays can win against the house. Therefore, please follow the article below to pocket yourself the most effective online football betting tips.

These tips online football betting profitable lucrative.

Bí quyết cá cược bóng đá tại

Secret 1

Online football betting tips are done while the game has a turning point with a red card for the players on the field, this secret has proven that low money will increase the win rate. This means that, if the betting odds keep the same odds with the same field> = – 9 applied to the team that has been shown the red card, the winner will be. Probability, when players perform, has been proven up to 85%.

Secret 2

This is a game for new players combined with the red card technique in the first method will bring many surprises. At the online dealer, there will be 3 specific markets when the match takes place. The turning point here is given that the player selects the match that the main goal is, which means 0/0, 1 home and away markets will be 1/4.

Accordingly, will combine with the red card, the player will wait until the 70 minute onwards, the new house began to reduce 1 rafter, then this time there will be 2 main and sub-contracts. Smart players will quickly decide to bet on the side rafters with a probability of winning up to 90%.

Then, if you choose the main contract to eat will be less than 90, preferably under 80, in case if over 90, the player should not participate anymore.

Secret 3

Half-time rafters (HT) are among the football betting tactics used by the player during a match and based on the odds of the entire match (FT). When the game has passed 25-30 minutes and the FT contract is still -0.5, the rate of HT rafters can be up to 80%.

Secret 4

Odds ¾ often occur in cases where the teams participating in the match have differences in form and class. In fact, the online soccer contract ¾ players can still eat when betting on the handicap team based on factors such as red cards and squad changes players to create a big strategy.

Thus, the tips of online football betting are shared in the above article. You only need to spend a little time to research and apply that you can succeed, the opportunity to earn a big profit is not difficult.