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TOP 5 secrets of the football betting experts

To bet good football, often win and can get rich, you need to have the knowledge and experience. Only when reaching “PRO” level, you can confidently bet any ball. 

For new players, the learning is extremely important to step up to the master in the village of betting. 

1, Only play football betting at the prestigious house

Want to play football betting online, first, you have to choose yourself a really prestigious house. Because most of these bookmakers have the best odds, there are many different types of bets for players to easily choose. Especially, even if you win the contract, the payment on your account is also very fast, the information is completely confidential. 

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It is very noticeable that in the prestigious bookies, the number of players will be very large, making you feel more secure. It is even more fun to have a whole community watching football online, discussing bet types. Besides, the big house always has lots of extremely attractive offers. Football has its own special offers every weekend. 

2, Should play football betting in the big tournament

Online football betting players always choose to play in major tournaments. These include: Premier League, LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, … Or world tournaments like: World Cup, Euro, Copa America, … Because in these tournaments, there are a large number of followers, many famous football teams and star players. Of course, understanding and extensive information will naturally help us to improve our chances of winning. 

Especially in major tournaments, the house cannot intervene and the match results. Clarity, transparency and winning rates will naturally be much higher than the small tournaments. 

3, Carefully football match before every game

Remember, the house will give the rafters of a match before taking place about 3-5 days. First, you need to know how to read the rafter, then proceed to carefully check the match for each match. Please refer to the most important information such as: confrontation history, current performance, team appearance, ranking on the rankings. From there, it is possible to make judgments, analysis and predictions. most accurate guess. 

Playing betting football must have faith in your own experience and knowledge, not rely on anyone. Even if your bravery goes against the majority, you are among the few winners. 

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4, Know the amount of bet

Everyone knows, betting on a stronger team, the odds of winning will be much higher, but that means a lower payout than placing on the underdog. Even if there are many wins, the payout is even less than a loss. Therefore, the advice for you is to know the capital balance. Put a lot on matches that you value delicious. Playing less but quality, than losing by winning, or losing more than winning will take time and effort. 

5, Persevere on the intended tactics, do not chase the majority

Football betting is a profession that can make money but certainly requires knowledge and experience. You must persevere in a strategy that you have pursued, won, lost, but did not discourage. Thereby must draw lessons, gradually raising the level to higher levels. 

The betting players never run after the majority. They have the judgment skills to avoid inducements. When 80% of players think delicious food will die, but players swim upstream will gloat with the victory win. 

Everyone has different fighting styles and their analysis of judgment is different. But the ultimate goal is still the victory. Football betting wishing to eat house money can not be rushed but a long period of resistance as a long career. 

How VAR technology has affected football betting (Part 2)

The impact of VAR on sports betting

According to the bookmakers, the introduction of VAR seems to hinder the in-game betting process. So far this disruption has occurred in tournaments where VAR technology has been used – for example the Fifa World Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Betting operators complain that VAR has been implemented inconsistently in various contests and often lacks clear information about the reason and when the VAR intervention occurred. As a result, gambling companies have had difficulty raising prices for their in-game betting offers. There are also many online casinos that offer sports betting, so when users are upset, it also has a negative impact on the wider gambling industry.


Illustrating the confusion that caused, Joe Petyt, the head of football playing at Sky Bet, told the audience at a football betting conference in London that the problems were the cause of the customer experience. poor and eroded the profits of Sky Bet. His company was forced to actively prevent customers from withdrawing money when placing bets. This situation has arisen when it is clear that Sky Bet has paid winnings for goals that are then not allowed in VAR assessments.

The discrepancy was reported, the conference was announced, when betting operators realized that official data providers often had different ways of forwarding data about VAR interventions. Moreover, there seems to be differences in VAR conventions and procedures on different football competitions. Some gambling companies seem to share concerns that these and other differences could potentially put some in-game betting providers at a significant disadvantage.


Request a delay of VAR Premier League

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino is a Premier League boss who thinks VAR will be introduced in the Premier League too soon. It was announced in November 2018 that (awaiting their request to Fifa) the Premier League will deploy VAR from the beginning of the 2019/20 season. But Pochettino thinks there will be problems because the English game is played with Such fast speed. The Tottenham coach believes that the long delay due to VAR ratings will actually leave fans relaxed with the game situation – detrimental to the sport as an attractive spectacle.

How VAR technology has affected football betting (Part 1)

The sixth bet on Conference Football, which takes place in London at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge from March 19-22, considers a number of important sports betting topics currently facing the industry. 

The main focus is the impact that VAR technology can have on football betting. In addition, the speakers addressed a range of issues including a delay in the betting industry. The latest big data improvements and how they can affect betting while playing, potential to bet on virtual sports, betting fraud in general and money laundering in particular, and a report on the global betting market.

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What is VAR technology?

The video arbitration assistant, now known as VAR, is football’s new technology rating system, which will be used alongside goal-line technology, which is an established feature of the game. Designed to improve referees’ decision making, and thus introducing more fairness to the sport, VAR has been challenged and selectively introduced throughout the football world. Predictably, it met a mixed reception. Some people have focused on its value, such as approving red card decisions, while others complain that they are changing the game in ways that are never intended, for example. Using slow-motion playback can make certain challenges look worse than they actually are.

VAR is handled by a team of three officials (one of whom is an arbitrator or a former arbitrator). Their job is to review the match referee’s decisions to check if there was a clear error in the judgment on the pitch. The technology can intervene in two ways: at the request of the match referee to review the events of the match and inform his decision, or as a direct intervention initiated by the VAR team. if they discover incidents that occur within their scope and can overcome them.

VAR progress report

Experience so far seems to suggest that players and fans mostly accept VAR rulings. Many penalties are being awarded, and outside decisions are generally considered to be fairer. However, it is not clear that the player has yet to intervene from the dive to get a free-kick – something that the introduction of the VAR was designed to contain. And in addition, there are still too many cases of players surrounding the referees and creating ‘box’ signs to pressure officials to review play events in the hope of obtaining a reversed decision.

Football and the Introduction of the VAR Technology - Kata Kata

However, the consensus view is that, with some adjustments, VAR will enhance sport and so will stay here. It will bring additional transparency to many important decisions and help eliminate some foul plays. Moreover, most experts believe that its acceptance on the pitch can bring new dimensions to this sport. This certainly happened in cricket, for example, in which the Decision Review System brought backspin players back to the modern game as the main wrench player.

Guide to betting on baseball at the bookmarker (Part 3)

Types of pitching:

• Fast ball: straight ball, high speed.

• Off speed: slower than fast ball, can be thrown with many trajectories.

• Breaking ball: a type of off speed, the ball changes its trajectory when flying

• Curve ball: breaking ball, swirling (curved), round to the left or right, great spin.

12-6 curveball: is a curve ball, the ball swirls down in a straight line.

• Slider: breaking ball, a curved ball with little spin and to increase speed (only slightly curved).

• Slurve: is a breaking ball combining slider and curveball

Screwball: a type of breaking ball, trajectory flying backwards with curveball and slider.

• Fork ball: breaking ball, a type of light and slow ball, with shaking, used to trick the batter.

• Change up: a type of off speed, the ball is like fast ball but the speed is slower and does not change the trajectory.

• Cirlce change up: is a type of change up but the ball changes its trajectory when flying.

• 4-seam fast ball: straight ball, highest speed in all throws.

• 2-seam fast ball: is a type of fast ball but has a cut from left to right.

• Sinker: 2-seam fast ball plus downward trajectory.

• Cutter: fast ball cuts from right to left.

• Splitter (split-finger fast ball): The ball suddenly drops when approaching the batter.

• Knuckleball: the ball is slow, there is no spin so the ball is difficult to judge even

• The pitcher also cannot know the trajectory of the ball.

• Eephus: slow ball (very slowly), follow the rainbow.

Rules of general betting on baseball:

International baseball rules: if the 7th leg ends with a team leading 10 points, or the fifth round ends with a team leading 15 points, the match will end sooner than expected, in the case of These bets are considered valid.

• If a baseball match takes place earlier than the scheduled time, all bets taken before the start of the match will be considered valid, bets made after the start of the match will be void.

• If a match is suspended or postponed or unable to continue playing after 12 hours from the time the match took place, all transactions are considered invalid. Unless 2 teams have played at least 5 innings or the home team is leading the score in the 1st half of the 4th quarter (except with the organizers’ rules), in this case, if the match results If a match is a tie then all 1X2 bets will be void.

• All competition results are based on the judgment of the professional baseball league as the standard, including the US baseball, Japanese baseball, Taiwan baseball.

• All baseball bets are settled based on the score resulting from the start of the match up to at least 5 innings or until the match is completed as a result (handicap, top, bottom, bet) 1.5 point handicap, live betting will be settled based on the score after 9 matches (including overtime) to calculate the result). If a new judgment from a sports association results in a match being changed then none are included in the bet.

• All baseball wagers (except for parlay bets), if a match is suspended before the specified time of play, or delayed after later than the scheduled time of the match. If the bet is over 12 hours old or is canceled, all bets on that match will be considered void and bets will be refunded.

• MLB baseball, when no full 5 matches are played, does not count. If played over 5 rounds then it will be based on the decision [win or lose] of the federation as a standard. If the result is [Tie] then nothing counts.

• Parlay betting on any baseball game, if suspended before the scheduled time of play, or delayed for later than the original scheduled time of more than 12 hours or canceled If a match is played, then the bet for that match will still be considered valid, and considered to have already been passed, the odds will count as [1].

• The pitcher of the match declared by the company is for reference only. If there is a change in pitcher during the match, then bets will still be valid.

• For Japanese professional baseball, if after the end of 12 rounds and the score of the two teams is a tie, then all bets (except 1X2 bet) are considered valid.

Guide to betting on baseball at the bookmarker (Part 2)

Glossary in baseball to remember

• Strike out: batter swings but does not hit the ball (whether the ball is foul or not) or hits but the ball is out of bounds. Each time is 1 strike. After 3 strikes, he will be disqualified (out).

• Fly out: the batter hits the ball but the ball is caught by the defending player before it touches the ground. In this case, the batter is disqualified.

• Ground out: the batter hits the ball and starts to run back to the goal, the ball touches the ground but the defensive player catches the ball and throws it back to the goal before the batter makes it. Batter is disqualified.

• Tag out: batter hits the ball and runs back to goal, but is touched by a player of the defensive team holding the ball.

A Complete Guide to Winning When Betting on Baseball

• Double play: eliminating two people at once

• Tripple play: eliminate 3 people at once

• Foul: batter smashes the ball out of bounds (foul lines on either side of the field)

• Ball: Pitcher throws an error, the ball is outside the strike area and the batter does not strike. 4 times the ball is counted as 1 walk (4 balls = 1 walk)

• Dead ball: Pitcher throws the ball at the batter. Batter gets walk.

• Walk: The batter is allowed to walk up to occupy 1st base after 4 times when Pitcher pitched an error or was hit on the person.

• Bunt: bouncing the ball; batter holds the baseball bat in front of the catcher’s catch position to catch the ball.

• Squeeze: Bunt with Runner at Base 3

• Safe: safe attack team captures golf.

Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Betting Guide — 2020

• Out: the offensive player (or the batter) of the attacking team is disqualified, or the batter is in the wrong order for beating the ball, or the batter has hit Home run but when he runs back he forgets to step on it.

• Home run: battter hits the ball outside, in the area between two foul lines, runs 1 round around 3 baskets and back to base 1 (home).

• Steal: the attacking player standing at the captured baskets begins to run when the pitcher has just pitched the ball to take advantage of the next opportunity to occupy the next goal.

• No hit, no run: Pitcher made no mistake with any ball handling during the match.

• Perfect game: absolute victory, after 9 losing teams no player can win the game.

• Called game: a team loses before all 9 innings are played (usually in the 5th or 7th period, due to the difference in scores). The rules about calling the game vary according to the type of tournament (professional or amateur, qualifying or semi-finals, etc.)

The development in sports betting in the US

Several sports betting sites have been offering online betting to American sports fans for over a decade. Their products are well developed and offer a wide range of sports, bet types, along with special offers and promotions.

The main focus in the US is on the Big Four sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. The lines for this sport are competitive and with a bit of shopping around you’ll be able to find some great value. Teasers, parlays and all-season long bets are offered in addition to the main lines.

Football in the United States flourished

US betting websites often have separate sections for horse racing. These range from a detailed coverage of all the songs to focus on major events like the ‘Breeding Cup’. You will often find various deals on horse racing and sports betting sites.

Today, these betting sites are large enough to offer streams on many niche and international sports. Golf and motorcycle racing are especially popular. You will also find lines for football, tennis and boxing.

Online betting sites compete with each other to attract customers. To attract new bookmakers, they offer welcome packages that usually include a deposit or free bet. Please note how many promotions and offers are targeted at regular customers. The best sites make an effort to keep their loyal fans happy and also try to attract new customers.

Although there are many reliable and enduring brands abroad, the bettors are concerned about the safety and legality of the site’s operators. There are some simple tests that anyone can do in minutes. These will help you verify that you are sending money at a reputable operator.

Horse racing is also the most favorite sport

The first thing to look for is a license from a known authority. For US betting sites, including Antigua, Netherlands Antilles and Kahnawake territory. Although the license is not guaranteed, the lack of a license must be a red flag.

We also recommend sticking to brands with at least five years of service. It is difficult for a non-paying operator or ethical activist to stay in business for a long time. If there is any problem, it will usually show up very quickly online. Brands that have taken care of their customers for many years and maintained a good reputation are the choices.

Finally, you should ensure that the operator has a responsible gambling policy and many ways to contact their customer service staff.

Once you have chosen a legitimate US betting site, you will need to deposit. Banking restrictions can make this harder than before. The good news is that you should be able to get your money on board most of the time with a bit of know-how.