Guide to betting on baseball at the bookmarker (Part 1)

Baseball is a sport with a long history and is very popular in many countries around the world such as the US, Canada or Japan.

For many people, baseball is a strange sport and they can only imagine at the level of “holding a stick – beating the ball – running”, and the rules of the game are probably rare that anyone really understands. To help you better understand this sport, today, we would like to share with you some knowledge and basic guidelines for baseball.

Instructions on how to play basic baseball

According to the official rules of baseball, each baseball team will have nine main players playing on the field and a few reserve players. A match will be played within 9 inning (9 innings). The game will be graded by runs (score or number of players returning to home golf). Finish the top 9 teams with the higher points. The game will be controlled by the Umpire (the referee).

In some special cases, if the level of 2 teams is too different, then the game will be ended early with a law called the Mercy Rule (tolerance law – tolerance). This rule is usually quite wide about how it applies to the professional level, the male or female, the teen or the youth … (For example, the difference of 10 runs (10 points) up to 7th inning (7th period) or 17 runs up to the 5th in the Youth League, then the team with the better score will be awarded the winner.

Basically, baseball simply hits and runs and smashes the ball and runs to the bases. A total of 4 golf fields are arranged on 4 corners of a square. If you look closely at the picture, outside of the edge of the first grass square there are 4 white square pieces, that is the 4 golf balls that the batter is supposed to run from right to left. Turn from golf 1 -> 2 -> 3 and go to golf 4 is the catcher’s ball. Every 1 person who runs a whole round like that will get 1 point.

Baseball is played in turn, at each turn the two teams will take turns as the offensive and the defensive teams.

With the defensive team, Pitcher on Mount in the middle. From here Pitcher will throw the ring back to Catcher at home golf. Meanwhile, the other players will split up to hold other positions such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop (position in the middle of the golf courses), center field (middle of the far-field), right field (on the wing), left field (far left flank).

With the attacking team, they will turn Batter (batter) in turn to hit, each Batter will be Out (disqualified) after 3 Strike out (hit not hit the ball) or hit the ball but:

– Being caught by the player of your team in the air when the ball has not yet touched the ground. Then the batter will be Out immediately.

– While on the run, the defensive player at that base has the ball and touches the person (or captured the goal before Batter can run there).

Batter will also be Walked (walk on base 1) if:

– Four Balls (pitched error) – Pitcher throws the ball out of strike, throws the ball high, throws the ball low or throws the ball close to the batter.

– Dead-ball – Pitcher throws the ball at Batter.

Batter if hit the ball and run back to the golf will be called Runner (golfers). Runner’s mission is:

– Wait for the ball to be hit by the next batter to run to the next golf to score. However, while waiting for the ball, the Runner can use the Steath tactic (also called golfing), or run before the ball is beat to save time. This tactic is often used if the batter uses the Bunt move (holding the pestle out before Catcher’s glove to touch the ball). However this way if the loophole will be Double Play (both Runner and Out at the same time) or Tripple Play (3 Runner out).

After 3 Batterers are Out (eliminated), the 2 teams will switch sides. The attacking team will become the defensive team, the defensive team will attack again. After each defending side or side, the attack will end in 1 inning.