How Does the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Sports Betting In Canada


The Covid-19 pandemic crisis crippled every sector of the economy. Unfortunately, the sports betting industry was not an exception. And in Canada, bookmakers were devastated. With all live games postponed or canceled, they had to look for other ways to cater to the needs of consumers. There is no need to deny that the world health crisis has adversely affected the sports betting industry in Canada, like in any part of the world.

Sports in Canada

Sports are vastly watched in Canada and the country is famous for winter sports and other well-known sports such as football and baseball. Due to the concerns about players contracting the dangerous virus, many sports bodies decided to cancel major leagues, such as the world figure skating championships in Montreal.

How about the sports betting industry?

The cancellation of live sports forced online casinos to cut down operating costs in order to stay afloat. To maintain normal operations, they had to look for alternatives.

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Canadian government banned public gatherings and restricted movement. As a result, physical casinos had to shut down and punters were confined to their homes and burn with the insatiable urge to bet. Therefore, the number of people signing up on online casinos has lightly increased.

With frozen live sports, online casinos provided a plethora of games such as poker, roulette, and slots, offering gaming enthusiasts a chance to earn a few bucks while enjoying pastime activity.

The Return of Sports

Now Canadians are slowly coming out of quarantine. They are hoping for a scenario of business as usual. A new normal is now a promising reality, which is good news for bookmakers. Sports federations are discussing how to facilitate the return of sports at the same time keeping residents safe.

The good news is that Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have started training, however, under specialized environments. That is not a  normal case and Canadians understand that resuming is not an easy task. It requires the cooperation of everyone to decrease the rates of new infections.  Bookmakers now also anticipate a return to normalcy in sports.