How VAR technology has affected football betting (Part 2)

The impact of VAR on sports betting

According to the bookmakers, the introduction of VAR seems to hinder the in-game betting process. So far this disruption has occurred in tournaments where VAR technology has been used – for example the Fifa World Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Betting operators complain that VAR has been implemented inconsistently in various contests and often lacks clear information about the reason and when the VAR intervention occurred. As a result, gambling companies have had difficulty raising prices for their in-game betting offers. There are also many online casinos that offer sports betting, so when users are upset, it also has a negative impact on the wider gambling industry.


Illustrating the confusion that caused, Joe Petyt, the head of football playing at Sky Bet, told the audience at a football betting conference in London that the problems were the cause of the customer experience. poor and eroded the profits of Sky Bet. His company was forced to actively prevent customers from withdrawing money when placing bets. This situation has arisen when it is clear that Sky Bet has paid winnings for goals that are then not allowed in VAR assessments.

The discrepancy was reported, the conference was announced, when betting operators realized that official data providers often had different ways of forwarding data about VAR interventions. Moreover, there seems to be differences in VAR conventions and procedures on different football competitions. Some gambling companies seem to share concerns that these and other differences could potentially put some in-game betting providers at a significant disadvantage.


Request a delay of VAR Premier League

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino is a Premier League boss who thinks VAR will be introduced in the Premier League too soon. It was announced in November 2018 that (awaiting their request to Fifa) the Premier League will deploy VAR from the beginning of the 2019/20 season. But Pochettino thinks there will be problems because the English game is played with Such fast speed. The Tottenham coach believes that the long delay due to VAR ratings will actually leave fans relaxed with the game situation – detrimental to the sport as an attractive spectacle.