Online gambling laws in Canada


In Canada, there are no particular laws explicitly related to online gambling but there were some discussions in the past years. For sure, online gambling is a little new market that has been developed quickly thanks to recently technological improvements.

What we should make clear is that players are not in any legal risk while playing online casino games, whether they are playing them just for having fun or as a part-time job. Another important thing to consider is that the winnings from online gambling activities are not taxable if they are not considered to be a full-time employment. On the other hand, if you are playing online casino games just for fun, you won’t be asked to pay any taxes upon your winnings.

In other words, it is considered an illegal activity to operate an online casino based in Canada but without a license. In general, it is recommended to always register at a trusted casino and avoid logging in those that are not licensed by a reputable authority. Gambling at offshore online casinos is not prohibited by laws. Therefore, you can try out your luck at some of them.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, online casinos remained popular in Canada and the market still thrives all the challenges. As gambling websites are allowed to advertise on the mainstream media, players keep registering for their online accounts, particularly during the lockdown.

When it comes to the US, the online gambling laws are much stricter and they are defined clearly as well. The legislators took a hard stance since 2011, especially on online poker. But that is not the case in Canada, many professional poker players from the US moved north. As a result, the top online poker sites have operated without big problems. Unlike the US, Canada remains a grey online casinos market and people still can play their favorite casino games online.