The former Italian star shocked Ronaldo and Dybala at Juventus

Former striker Antonio Cassano shocked many people when attacking two Juventus strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala.

The former striker suddenly disparaged Cristiano Ronaldo, although the Portuguese striker is in good form this season, scoring 10 goals in 8 matches.

“Juventus don’t need Ronaldo to win the Scudetto. They brought him in to win the Champions League. But clearly, they have not been successful. For me, it’s a tactical issue for many coaches”.

“He can give the club a 1-0 lead, but he only comes out for the goal. This is not like Messi can make the team play better. If I had to choose a central striker between Ronaldo, Lewandowski and Benzema, I would choose the following two”.

Ronaldo can score 30-40 goals / season but cannot pull the team forward. Coach Sarri had a lot of problems with him. Ronaldo doesn’t play to connect lines, he plays for goals.

Not stopping there, Cassano also attacked Dybala with a bad performance in recent years. “Dybala is a great player but I don’t rate him as a champion like Juventus said: Paulo is the backbone of the team and he helps us win games to win the championship. I think Dybala always had problems with the coaches because of his way of kicking.”

If Dybala is a great player, why don’t the other coaches see him as important? He’s not a normal player, but he’s never been a champion. In 3-4 years with Juventus, he also did not win a regular starting position.

Immobille has scored about 120 goals in four years with Lazio, which is a mid-range club. Another player who also performed better than Dybala playing in a small team was Atalanta’s Ilicic. Lautaro (Martinez) is another example. He won the main kick when he was 20 years old. He runs, dribbles, scores goals and does everything to pull the team forward.

Dybala is another, he plays in a top team but has a lot of problems with everyone. If he wants to innovate, he has to prove he can make a difference but not in Italy ”.