3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 1)

In this article, we will share with readers the golden formulas worth reference in football prediction in general and C1 football in particular.

The principles of probability in the construction and analysis ratios, odds, remarkable statistics and the most specific recommendations of experts to aim for the optimal results for players.

In a few more topics, this article will also explain in detail before coming to a conclusion that is simple and easy to remember. Then in the final section, we will recap once again those 10 things to help you predict C1 football most effectively.

MUNICH, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 06: A detailed view of a match ball on the pitch ahead of the UEFA Champions League group B match between Bayern Muenchen and Olympiacos FC at Allianz Arena on November 06, 2019 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Indiscriminate prediction cannot be used

Similar to the cardiac gambling often seen in movies. The loss of the scientific C1 football predictors manifests itself only after a long process of participation, when their luck and mishap have both happened with equilibrium.

At this level, the game of prediction is completely inclined to the problem of calculation, not the problem of gambling of chance anymore. Players need to forget about the fairy tale ending because for scientific prediction only points to the so-called maximum 6-4 loss.

That is why the mandatory requirement for those who predict C1 football is capital. That said, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to be able to have a lot of money, the problem here is that the cost of the initial capital must be low, that is, at the level that the player can bear when a chain of losses. successive failures occurred but still kept their principled prediction. Many players criticize 1/10 of their income as the cost of participating in soccer prediction, which means that they can accept to lose this amount.

For difficult matches, it’s okay not to predict. Players need to decisively ignore unpredictable matches, these are games that depend entirely on factors of chance or randomness, but cannot be calculated. For games like that, wait patiently for another chance to act.