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Why esports betting on the rise during COVID-19 (Part 3)

New advertising opportunities have appeared

Another factor may have contributed to the proliferation of e-sports betting amid advertising-related coronavirus. Many brands see the potential of esports and the new advertising opportunities it offers. Endemic companies like Intel and HP have strengthened the sponsorship partnership over the years with names like the Overwatch League.

Advertising experts say the growing interest in esports on behalf of the non-endemic FMCG brands is not endemic. Kellogg’s and Coca Cola have set the stage by signing lucrative deals with Overwatch League and Major League Soccer in early 2019. Others like to invest in brand ambassadors like Procter & Gamble. The company recruited Dota 2 gamer Roman Kushnarev (aka RAMZES666) as ambassadors.

These trends continued during the pandemic, with Chipotle announcing a partnership with celebrity skateboarder Tony Hawk in August 2020. Chipotle customers ordering Tony Hawk burritos now. Grant access to a demo version of this skaters’ iconic new arcade game.

Earlier this year, BMW also decided to expand its presence by partnering with five major League of Legends teams. They are T1 from Korea, FunPlus Phoenix from China, Cloud 9 from the United States, G2 Esports from Germany, and Fnatic from England. This increase in advertising spontaneously pushed the esports industry forward.

Esports show no signs of slowing down

According to the SportingPedia report, while the esports industry suffered a slight injury due to the absence of tournaments in the live arenas, the sector showed no signs of slowing down.

Advertising spending in the esports industry is expected to reach $ 1 billion over the next two years as more and more companies see its potential. Prior to the Corona Virus, industry revenue was expected to grow to almost $ 1.8 billion by 2023. Today, this number doesn’t seem to be appreciated.

Why esports betting on the rise during COVID-19? (Part 1)

Let’s find out the reasons why esports betting still on the rise in the Covid-19 epidemic in this article!

The Corona Virus pandemic swept the globe in March this year, causing many businesses to close due to the lack of customers, some temporarily, others permanently shut down.

Gambling activities across countries are significantly affected as many casinos have to shut down worldwide. The sports sector also did not perform well, as many major sporting events were canceled or suspended indefinitely.

While gambling revenue hit its lows globally, many countries reported a spike in e-sports viewership, participation and betting. One good example comes from the UK, where the gambling regulator has reported a staggering increase in esports betting in recent months.

Figures released by UKGC indicate that while many sectors of the local gambling industry suffer a heavy blow, e-sports betting odds have increased significantly.

Total profits from the e-sports betting game increased 2,922% year-on-year, from £ 50,223 in March 2019 to more than £ 1.9 million in March 2020. Similar trends are the same. recorded in other countries, but exactly how has the epidemic affected the esports industry?

The need has taken esports to new heights

The need is a contributing factor in driving the esports industry to be mainstream. With conventional sports competitions around the world being postponed or completely canceled, bettors have begun looking for alternatives to traditional betting and have found them in the sports arena. electronic sports.

Business and consumption have been reduced to a minimum due to social dislocations. This also has an impact on social communication. People have no choice but to find a new source of entertainment and can socialize without direct contact. Many people discovered that when they heard about esports, which explains why there has been a huge increase in viewership and participation rates since the inception of all social activities in March 2020.

Football Prediction: Man City vs Burnley

Man City is experiencing its worst start in a decade when he only got 12 points after 9 rounds and finished 14th in the standings.

This is also the worst achievement in coach Pep Guardiola’s career in national tournaments. Therefore, the ultimate mission of the Green Man at this time is nothing but to quickly return to orbit if you do not want to be left too far behind by the leading teams in the race to the championship.

In this round, Man City’s opponent is just Burnley. Over the past few seasons, Burnley is known for his annoying defensive play. However, a special thing is that the army of coach Sean Dyche often breaks the game every time they march to the Etihad. Specifically, in the last 3 matches to be played on the field of Man City, they are all nightmares for Burnley when they fail with the same score 0-5. More broadly, The Citizen has a winning record against Burnley in the last 6 encounters with a total score of 24-2.

Things can be even easier for Pep’s army because Burnley is in a decline this season. Winning Crystal Palace in the previous round is only the first time Burnley has enjoyed the feeling of the winners this season. Before that, they drew 2 and lost 5 matches. The defense is believed to be the main reason for this poor record of Burnley when they have conceded 12 goals in just 8 matches.

Faced with such a weak defense, this will be a great opportunity for strikers on the home team to play a stormy attack. With the return of Kevin De Bruyne in the squad, Man City will certainly not lack a way to reach the visitors’ goal. A bold win for the Premier League runner-up 2019/2020 is what many football experts believe will happen.

Prediction of football results: Man City 4-0 Burnley.

4 Kinds Of Odds In The Betting Market (Part 2)

3. Malay Odds

Malay Odds are odds representing players’ bets and winnings in positive and negative numbers.

The calculation of Malay Odds will have 2 cases

A. If Odds are positive numbers will be counted like Hong Kong Odds:

When winning: Stakes = Stakes + (Stakes x Malay Odds)

B. Where Odds are Negative (highlighted)

When winning: Winnings = | (Stakes x Malay Odds) | + (Stake x 1.00)

Example: For the match between Leicester vs Fleetwood Town, the odds of Odds Malay Negative are shown in the 1st half match.

If you bet Leicester the handicap is 0.75 in the first half and wager 100 USD. If Leicester won 2-0 in the first half, you would get: | 100 x -0.93 | + 100 x 1 = 193 USD.

When losing bet: Loss amount = Stake + (Stake x Malay Odds)

Example: If you bet Leicester on handicap 0.75 in the first half and bet 100 USD. If Leicester loses in the first half, your net loss will be: $ 100 + $ 100 x 0.93 = $ 93. That is, you hit 100 USD will lose 93 USD, also known as the contract to leave.

In short, for both win and loss cases in Malay Odds of negative numbers: for example, for Odds -0.88, you bet 100,000 and when you win you WIN the bet amount is 100,000, but when you lose you lose only 88,000 instead of losing 100,000 as the odds Hong Kong.

4. Indonesian Odds

The Indonesian Odds are a combination of the Hong Kong odds and the Malay odds. The formula for Indo Odds has 2 cases:

When the Indo Odds are positive numbers:

When Winning: Return = Stake + (Stake x Odds)

Example: With the match between Leicester vs Fleetwood Town

If you bet Leicester on handicap 1.75 then the 100USD odds on the Indo odds are 1.20. The amount you win will be: 100USD + 100USD x 1.20 = 220 USD.

If you lose the bet you will lose all your bet amount.

When the Indo Odds are negative:

When winning: Proceeds = Stakes + (Stakes / | Odds |)

Example: With the match between Leicester vs Fleetwood Town

If you bet Fleetwood Town the handicap is 1.75 and you bet 100USD then the Indo Odds will be -1.33. If Fleetwood Town wins your winnings will be: 100 + (100 / | -1.33 |) ~ 175 (rounding result)

When losing bets: Money deducted = Stakes x | Odds |

Example: Still with the above contract Fleetwood Town, if you lose the money you lose will be: 100 USD x | -1.33 | ~ 75 USD (rounding result).

4 Kinds Of Odds In The Betting Market (Part 1)

Not all soccer bettors know the odds, whether longtime bettors or new players are not sure about the odds. To help players better understand the odds, the following article will explain in detail about it.

 Odds are the exchange rate for which the dealer pays the bettor for winning the match after each match. Odds come in many different types, so when you register to play online you need to know what kind of odds the betting site allows for the payout option when placing your bet.

1. European Odds (Decimal Odds)

European Odds or also known as European odds. European odds are always> 1.00. European Odds are usually applied to betting markets such as: 1X2, Exact Score, Parlay, Champion bet …

How winnings are calculated according to European Odds: Winnings = Stakes x European Odds. Of course when you lose the bet: You will be deducted the amount you bet.

Example: For a match between Leicester vs Fleetwood Town, it is European Odds that are on 1X2 for the whole game and the 1st half in a circle position.

If Leicester wins, placing Leicester 100 USD will receive the amount: 100 x 1.28 = 128 USD

If Fleetwood Town wins, placing Fleetwood Town 100 USD will earn: 100 x 11.00 = 1100 USD

If the two teams tie, placing a tie of 100 USD will receive the amount: 100 x 5.4 = 540 USD

There are many types of European handicaps that use the European Odds calculation so there will be a more detailed article on the European handicaps. But European odds are all with the same wagering scheme as above.

2. Hong Kong Odds

The Hong Kong Odds are developed from European Odds but are> 0.00

How to calculate money using Hong Kong Odds when winning: Winnings = Stake + (stake x Hong Kong Odds). When a bet is lost: You will be deducted the amount that was staked

The dealer released shock news about Solskjaer, the earliest flying seat in the Premier League?

A series of bookmakers in England and across Europe have the same opinion about the future of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at MU.

After receiving the defeat against Arsenal at home in the 7th round of the Premier League, MU continued to suffer another defeat when coming to Turkey before the team under Istanbul Basaksehir. These two consecutive failures are making the future of coach Solskjaer extremely bleak.

The DailyMail said that after the defeat to Istanbul, the odds of coach Solskjaer being fired suddenly increased, even the Norwegian strategist became the leading name in the list of coaches at risk of losing their foreign jobs English class.

Also in that context, the hashtag #Oleout (fired Ole) appeared with a dense frequency on Twitter. Many fans criticized Solskjaer and called on the Board of Directors to fire the Norwegian strategist as soon as possible.

Betfair and Paddy Power both put out a 6/5 (put 5 to 6) for Solskjaer as the next strategist to be fired. Meanwhile, bet365 bet 8/13 and Betvictor placed 4/5. This very low food bill shows that the danger of being fired is in the face of Solsa.

When asked about his future after losing to Istanbul, Solsa said: “I declined to comment on that. In such situations, you have to be steady. I was recruited by the club to do a job and I do it to the best of my ability with the staff. “

Also at this time, the bookmakers believe that the next person to sit in the chair of MU’s head coach is Mauricio Pochettino. The bet365 page places a 1/3 rate for the Argentinian strategist.

The pressure will multiply for Solsa when this weekend in the 8th round of the Premier League, MU will have a trip as a guest that is expected to be “more or less evil” before Everton, the team is eager to find the winning circuit after disappointing recent matches.

Recently, former Chelsea player Jason Cundy said that Solskjaer might have to leave the MU coach’s seat right after the eighth round of the Premier League this weekend, if MU lost to Everton: “The match against Everton will have decisive meaning Ole’s future. If MU loses, I think he will hit the road in the national teams play. A terrible pressure is on Ole’s shoulder, “Cundy said.

Back on the list of coaches most at risk of being fired, behind Solsa is Slaven Bilic, captain of West Brom. Although the Premier League rookie has been strengthened quite aggressively, there has been no victory and is ranked 18th in the rankings. Bilic’s odds of being fired are 1/3 (bet 3 to 1).

Scott Parker (7/1), who helped Fulham find his first victory this season, is third on the list. They are followed by Burnley’s Sean Dyche (January 10) and Sheffield United’s Chris Wilder (January 12).

Top 5 most prestigious bookmakers sponsoring the Premier League team

To promote its image, the prestigious football house does not hesitate to spend huge money to sponsor teams competing in the world’s top soccer leagues.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 prestigious soccer bookmakers sponsoring clubs in the Premier League.

1. Fun88 bookmakers sponsor Newcastle and Tottenham clubs

The prestigious bookmaker Fun88 has for the third year in a row sponsoring Newcastle United club with a contract worth 150 million pounds, this is not a small number, this proves strong financial potential from the house. this.

You will easily see that Newcastle’s jerseys have been featured in the logo of the Fun88 house in recent seasons.

In addition, the bookmaker Fun88 also cooperates fully with Tottenham club to promote the brand for this house. The cooperation will help both to promote each other’s brands, with a mutual benefit. Fun88 has always proven itself to be the top soccer bookmaker today.

2. The W88 bookie sponsors the Crystal Palace Club

Under the agreement, W88 is the main partner for the 2020/2021 season of Crystal Palace. The prestigious house logo will be featured on the Crystal Palace home and away jerseys in the Premier League, as well as the first team training outfit.

Crystal Palace Commercial Director, Nicola Ibbetson, said: The club is pleased to welcome W88 as the new Key Club Partner, the W88 logo will be proud of our outfits for the season. Premier League 2020/21.

W88 is considered a record-breaking commercial partner of the Crystal Palace Club, promoting in the Premier League also gives W88 many benefits by reaching out to fans around the world.

Hilly Ehrlich, Business Development Director of the prestigious W88 bookie, said: Right now, we are excited and excited to be working with Crystal Palace, which is one of the top football clubs in the country. Brother.

The W88 bookie is a fast growing brand in the Asian soccer betting and online casino industry. Last season the house was also the sponsor of Wolvehampton club, Aston Villa is also playing in the Premier League.

3. The Dafabet bookie sponsors Norwich city club

Dafabet is a betting company and a subsidiary of the AsianBGE group. Is a privately owned company licensed under the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation (FCLRC). This dealer operates a website that offers online betting services.

Norwich is the rookie of the Premier League season this year, the sponsorship of the prestigious leading Asian bookie Dafabet will help Norwich be financially confident and will play better.

In addition to sponsoring Norwich, Dafabet is also known as the house that regularly sponsors football clubs, such as Fullham, Celtic and is an official betting partner in Wales.

4. The M88 bookie sponsors the Bournemouth Club

The M88 bookie sponsors many teams, one of which is the Bournemouth club that is playing very well in the Premier League.

Besides Bournemouth, the dealer M88 has sponsored other clubs such as Man City, Tottenham and Crystal Palace. Over 10 years of development, M88 has proven itself to be the leading bookmaker in the world and has the most powerful financial potential.

5. The Betway bookie sponsors the West Ham Club

The Betway Group is a global online gambling company with several brands including Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino, Betway Vegas, Betway Bingo and Betway Poker.

Betway is aimed at users who are interested in sports betting, especially football and other popular sports.

3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 2)

Do not play strange odds

The C1 football prediction is not quite the place where scientific analysis can come into play. Because the football house always gives a lower bonus to ensure safety in these strange circumstances (ie 10 people lose, only 1 winner, more than half of the reward is only half of the share. 2 losers). Players should also not play bets that involve pure chance.

Players need to store the results, create a statistics book or memorize the web pages with statistics available to be able to easily track all parameters related to the prediction process.

Always give priority to the underdogs. Players need to remember special cases based on their own research, this is called accumulation of practical experience, these experiences will definitely need to be used at times: for example, striker A always loses. In front of midfielder X, or team B is always defeated by psychological pressure on the Y field.

Do not try to remove the gauze after making a false prediction

A player can never bet on something he cannot return if he is wrong. Even trying to lose face is not a good thing at all. For oneself must always be objective. Must be posed as a question like: Is my judgment on the strength of a certain team that both lost or won is correct or not?

Carefully choose the optimal odds to increase maximum success when predicting correct. Issues such as Firm A offer a very high bonus for the draw rate, or Firm B offers a very high bonus for the homeowner’s odds of winning, or Firm X has a very high reputation in making. Usually, the experts predicting C1 football on the internet will help players check this problem.

Finally, you must always be confident even when you fail. The results of C1 football prediction over a long and long history are always highly dependent on the scientific calculations of the player, less on the pure red-and-black chance of gambling. So always be confident in mastering these predictive games, as well as remembering to master yourself before the game. Good luck!

3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 1)

In this article, we will share with readers the golden formulas worth reference in football prediction in general and C1 football in particular.

The principles of probability in the construction and analysis ratios, odds, remarkable statistics and the most specific recommendations of experts to aim for the optimal results for players.

In a few more topics, this article will also explain in detail before coming to a conclusion that is simple and easy to remember. Then in the final section, we will recap once again those 10 things to help you predict C1 football most effectively.

MUNICH, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 06: A detailed view of a match ball on the pitch ahead of the UEFA Champions League group B match between Bayern Muenchen and Olympiacos FC at Allianz Arena on November 06, 2019 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Indiscriminate prediction cannot be used

Similar to the cardiac gambling often seen in movies. The loss of the scientific C1 football predictors manifests itself only after a long process of participation, when their luck and mishap have both happened with equilibrium.

At this level, the game of prediction is completely inclined to the problem of calculation, not the problem of gambling of chance anymore. Players need to forget about the fairy tale ending because for scientific prediction only points to the so-called maximum 6-4 loss.

That is why the mandatory requirement for those who predict C1 football is capital. That said, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to be able to have a lot of money, the problem here is that the cost of the initial capital must be low, that is, at the level that the player can bear when a chain of losses. successive failures occurred but still kept their principled prediction. Many players criticize 1/10 of their income as the cost of participating in soccer prediction, which means that they can accept to lose this amount.

For difficult matches, it’s okay not to predict. Players need to decisively ignore unpredictable matches, these are games that depend entirely on factors of chance or randomness, but cannot be calculated. For games like that, wait patiently for another chance to act.

Unable to bet on sports, players switch to stocks

When there were no more matches to bet, gamblers turned to the stock market as a fire-fighting measure in the middle of the Covid-19 season.

The Financial Times (FT) notes that brokerage firms have seen a sharp increase in the number of new accounts opened as football fans seek new ways to bet in the midst of the absence of live football.

The Covid-19 pandemic slammed the doors of economic and entertainment activities, in which almost all major football events were postponed. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, for example, are now postponed to July 2021 and the Euro 2020 soccer tournament will be held next year.

Against this backdrop, 3 out of 4 US brokerage firms, Charles Schwab, ETrade and Interactive Brokers, added a total of 780,000 new clients in March or April 2020, FT said.

Rich Repetto, Senior Research Analyst at Sandler O’Neill, told FT: “People are buried at home, and don’t have online sporting events. Therefore, people turn to transactions for entertainment in the context of a recovering market”.

The rise in new clients came at a critical moment when Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and ETrade all reduced the fees for trading individual stocks, ETFs, and options.

Big players like Ameritrade have also followed in the footsteps of newer players like Robinhood – who was one of the first brokerage firms to reduce transaction fees to zero.

New players entering the stock market in recent weeks include Dave Portnoy, CEO of sports news and betting website Barstool Sports. According to FT, Portnoy poured $ 3 million into his ETrade account on March 23 – the day when the US stock market started to recover.

Daniel Goodwin (39 years old) – who works in the legal industry in Indiana – told FT that his routine every night is to bet $ 100 on some sports game.

Now that is not possible. So, Goodwin said he opened a stock trading account at Ettrade, deposited several thousand USD and started buying stocks a few weeks ago.

“I’m not here in the long run – I just want to bet $ 1,000 on something to know if I will make a few hundred or not,” Mr Goodwin told FT.

“With sports, if I throw $ 1,000 at something, I lose everything very quickly, but in stocks, if the market is unfavorable, you can still cut loss,” he added.

The stock market has faced strong volatility in recent months, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Yet, since bottoming out on March 23, the stock market has largely recovered, thanks to the loosening of blockades and hopes for the Covid-19 vaccine.