3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 2)

Do not play strange odds

The C1 football prediction is not quite the place where scientific analysis can come into play. Because the football house always gives a lower bonus to ensure safety in these strange circumstances (ie 10 people lose, only 1 winner, more than half of the reward is only half of the share. 2 losers). Players should also not play bets that involve pure chance.

Players need to store the results, create a statistics book or memorize the web pages with statistics available to be able to easily track all parameters related to the prediction process.

Always give priority to the underdogs. Players need to remember special cases based on their own research, this is called accumulation of practical experience, these experiences will definitely need to be used at times: for example, striker A always loses. In front of midfielder X, or team B is always defeated by psychological pressure on the Y field.

Do not try to remove the gauze after making a false prediction

A player can never bet on something he cannot return if he is wrong. Even trying to lose face is not a good thing at all. For oneself must always be objective. Must be posed as a question like: Is my judgment on the strength of a certain team that both lost or won is correct or not?

Carefully choose the optimal odds to increase maximum success when predicting correct. Issues such as Firm A offer a very high bonus for the draw rate, or Firm B offers a very high bonus for the homeowner’s odds of winning, or Firm X has a very high reputation in making. Usually, the experts predicting C1 football on the internet will help players check this problem.

Finally, you must always be confident even when you fail. The results of C1 football prediction over a long and long history are always highly dependent on the scientific calculations of the player, less on the pure red-and-black chance of gambling. So always be confident in mastering these predictive games, as well as remembering to master yourself before the game. Good luck!