4 Kinds Of Odds In The Betting Market (Part 1)

Not all soccer bettors know the odds, whether longtime bettors or new players are not sure about the odds. To help players better understand the odds, the following article will explain in detail about it.

 Odds are the exchange rate for which the dealer pays the bettor for winning the match after each match. Odds come in many different types, so when you register to play online you need to know what kind of odds the betting site allows for the payout option when placing your bet.

1. European Odds (Decimal Odds)

European Odds or also known as European odds. European odds are always> 1.00. European Odds are usually applied to betting markets such as: 1X2, Exact Score, Parlay, Champion bet …

How winnings are calculated according to European Odds: Winnings = Stakes x European Odds. Of course when you lose the bet: You will be deducted the amount you bet.

Example: For a match between Leicester vs Fleetwood Town, it is European Odds that are on 1X2 for the whole game and the 1st half in a circle position.

If Leicester wins, placing Leicester 100 USD will receive the amount: 100 x 1.28 = 128 USD

If Fleetwood Town wins, placing Fleetwood Town 100 USD will earn: 100 x 11.00 = 1100 USD

If the two teams tie, placing a tie of 100 USD will receive the amount: 100 x 5.4 = 540 USD

There are many types of European handicaps that use the European Odds calculation so there will be a more detailed article on the European handicaps. But European odds are all with the same wagering scheme as above.

2. Hong Kong Odds

The Hong Kong Odds are developed from European Odds but are> 0.00

How to calculate money using Hong Kong Odds when winning: Winnings = Stake + (stake x Hong Kong Odds). When a bet is lost: You will be deducted the amount that was staked