Guide to betting on baseball at the bookmarker (Part 2)

Glossary in baseball to remember

• Strike out: batter swings but does not hit the ball (whether the ball is foul or not) or hits but the ball is out of bounds. Each time is 1 strike. After 3 strikes, he will be disqualified (out).

• Fly out: the batter hits the ball but the ball is caught by the defending player before it touches the ground. In this case, the batter is disqualified.

• Ground out: the batter hits the ball and starts to run back to the goal, the ball touches the ground but the defensive player catches the ball and throws it back to the goal before the batter makes it. Batter is disqualified.

• Tag out: batter hits the ball and runs back to goal, but is touched by a player of the defensive team holding the ball.

A Complete Guide to Winning When Betting on Baseball

• Double play: eliminating two people at once

• Tripple play: eliminate 3 people at once

• Foul: batter smashes the ball out of bounds (foul lines on either side of the field)

• Ball: Pitcher throws an error, the ball is outside the strike area and the batter does not strike. 4 times the ball is counted as 1 walk (4 balls = 1 walk)

• Dead ball: Pitcher throws the ball at the batter. Batter gets walk.

• Walk: The batter is allowed to walk up to occupy 1st base after 4 times when Pitcher pitched an error or was hit on the person.

• Bunt: bouncing the ball; batter holds the baseball bat in front of the catcher’s catch position to catch the ball.

• Squeeze: Bunt with Runner at Base 3

• Safe: safe attack team captures golf.

Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Betting Guide — 2020

• Out: the offensive player (or the batter) of the attacking team is disqualified, or the batter is in the wrong order for beating the ball, or the batter has hit Home run but when he runs back he forgets to step on it.

• Home run: battter hits the ball outside, in the area between two foul lines, runs 1 round around 3 baskets and back to base 1 (home).

• Steal: the attacking player standing at the captured baskets begins to run when the pitcher has just pitched the ball to take advantage of the next opportunity to occupy the next goal.

• No hit, no run: Pitcher made no mistake with any ball handling during the match.

• Perfect game: absolute victory, after 9 losing teams no player can win the game.

• Called game: a team loses before all 9 innings are played (usually in the 5th or 7th period, due to the difference in scores). The rules about calling the game vary according to the type of tournament (professional or amateur, qualifying or semi-finals, etc.)