Guide to betting on baseball at the bookmarker (Part 3)

Types of pitching:

• Fast ball: straight ball, high speed.

• Off speed: slower than fast ball, can be thrown with many trajectories.

• Breaking ball: a type of off speed, the ball changes its trajectory when flying

• Curve ball: breaking ball, swirling (curved), round to the left or right, great spin.

12-6 curveball: is a curve ball, the ball swirls down in a straight line.

• Slider: breaking ball, a curved ball with little spin and to increase speed (only slightly curved).

• Slurve: is a breaking ball combining slider and curveball

Screwball: a type of breaking ball, trajectory flying backwards with curveball and slider.

• Fork ball: breaking ball, a type of light and slow ball, with shaking, used to trick the batter.

• Change up: a type of off speed, the ball is like fast ball but the speed is slower and does not change the trajectory.

• Cirlce change up: is a type of change up but the ball changes its trajectory when flying.

• 4-seam fast ball: straight ball, highest speed in all throws.

• 2-seam fast ball: is a type of fast ball but has a cut from left to right.

• Sinker: 2-seam fast ball plus downward trajectory.

• Cutter: fast ball cuts from right to left.

• Splitter (split-finger fast ball): The ball suddenly drops when approaching the batter.

• Knuckleball: the ball is slow, there is no spin so the ball is difficult to judge even

• The pitcher also cannot know the trajectory of the ball.

• Eephus: slow ball (very slowly), follow the rainbow.

Rules of general betting on baseball:

International baseball rules: if the 7th leg ends with a team leading 10 points, or the fifth round ends with a team leading 15 points, the match will end sooner than expected, in the case of These bets are considered valid.

• If a baseball match takes place earlier than the scheduled time, all bets taken before the start of the match will be considered valid, bets made after the start of the match will be void.

• If a match is suspended or postponed or unable to continue playing after 12 hours from the time the match took place, all transactions are considered invalid. Unless 2 teams have played at least 5 innings or the home team is leading the score in the 1st half of the 4th quarter (except with the organizers’ rules), in this case, if the match results If a match is a tie then all 1X2 bets will be void.

• All competition results are based on the judgment of the professional baseball league as the standard, including the US baseball, Japanese baseball, Taiwan baseball.

• All baseball bets are settled based on the score resulting from the start of the match up to at least 5 innings or until the match is completed as a result (handicap, top, bottom, bet) 1.5 point handicap, live betting will be settled based on the score after 9 matches (including overtime) to calculate the result). If a new judgment from a sports association results in a match being changed then none are included in the bet.

• All baseball wagers (except for parlay bets), if a match is suspended before the specified time of play, or delayed after later than the scheduled time of the match. If the bet is over 12 hours old or is canceled, all bets on that match will be considered void and bets will be refunded.

• MLB baseball, when no full 5 matches are played, does not count. If played over 5 rounds then it will be based on the decision [win or lose] of the federation as a standard. If the result is [Tie] then nothing counts.

• Parlay betting on any baseball game, if suspended before the scheduled time of play, or delayed for later than the original scheduled time of more than 12 hours or canceled If a match is played, then the bet for that match will still be considered valid, and considered to have already been passed, the odds will count as [1].

• The pitcher of the match declared by the company is for reference only. If there is a change in pitcher during the match, then bets will still be valid.

• For Japanese professional baseball, if after the end of 12 rounds and the score of the two teams is a tie, then all bets (except 1X2 bet) are considered valid.