Instructions on how to bet on tennis at an online betting casino

Tennis is a sport game between two people using a net to hit a ball across the opponent’s field and based on that to calculate points. To meet the needs of players, top reputable bookmakers have introduced tennis betting. So let’s learn about tennis betting right now!

Tennis betting is where players place bets on the odds on tennis matches offered by the house. Tennis betting has only 2 teams usually 2 players competing against each other; or 4 players divided into 2 pairs of matches.

Tennis is a very developed and relatively easy sport to play; and easy to bet.

If a match site is moved to another place then all bets will be void. In the event of a match’s playing time being changed either plus or less to divide the win or lose all bets on that match will be void.

If a match is postponed or suspended then all bets will remain valid once the match is completed. If open bets are placed on each player or by game during a match then the match is postponed; or the player is disqualified for the duration of the match; then all wagers will be refunded for any bets placed on this match.

With parlays, when there are exceptions to the above matches, the parlay bets will automatically be considered for departure.

In the case of a match that starts before the scheduled match, bets placed before the match time will be considered an exception. Otherwise bets placed after the match has started will be considered void.

Types of Tennis bets

  • Open Bet: This is a bet in which a player will predict who will eventually win; Similar to the European handicap in football.
  • Handicap: Similar to football handicap; The tennis handicap is the house’s judgment of whoever is stronger will take a certain handicap. With tennis, it is usually 1 game handicap.
  • Over / under: The dealer will issue a number; and it is the player’s job to predict the total number of games played in this tennis match; will be higher or lower than the number given by the dealer. This big ball bet in tennis is similar to the big ball bet in football.
  • Odd / Even bet: An even bet is a player predicting whether the total number of games in the match will be an odd or even number to decide whether to win or lose.
  • Predict the winner of the first game: Simply predict which player or team will win the first game of the match.
  • Shake bet: Similar to soccer ball; Players can place bets over the course of the match until the end. Shake bets are applicable for handicap and over bet.
  • Note when participating in tennis betting

Tennis is an individual or team game of two people. There was no change so it was very common for the opponents to give up. Therefore Tennis players should refer to a few terms when their opponents give up in betting.

When a competitor retires, most of the house will cancel the game handicap. When betting live on a tennis match, the time between games is very important. Take the mid-game break to be more active with your bets.