Why esports betting on the rise during COVID-19? (Part 1)

Let’s find out the reasons why esports betting still on the rise in the Covid-19 epidemic in this article!

The Corona Virus pandemic swept the globe in March this year, causing many businesses to close due to the lack of customers, some temporarily, others permanently shut down.

Gambling activities across countries are significantly affected as many casinos have to shut down worldwide. The sports sector also did not perform well, as many major sporting events were canceled or suspended indefinitely.

While gambling revenue hit its lows globally, many countries reported a spike in e-sports viewership, participation and betting. One good example comes from the UK, where the gambling regulator has reported a staggering increase in esports betting in recent months.

Figures released by UKGC indicate that while many sectors of the local gambling industry suffer a heavy blow, e-sports betting odds have increased significantly.

Total profits from the e-sports betting game increased 2,922% year-on-year, from £ 50,223 in March 2019 to more than £ 1.9 million in March 2020. Similar trends are the same. recorded in other countries, but exactly how has the epidemic affected the esports industry?

The need has taken esports to new heights

The need is a contributing factor in driving the esports industry to be mainstream. With conventional sports competitions around the world being postponed or completely canceled, bettors have begun looking for alternatives to traditional betting and have found them in the sports arena. electronic sports.

Business and consumption have been reduced to a minimum due to social dislocations. This also has an impact on social communication. People have no choice but to find a new source of entertainment and can socialize without direct contact. Many people discovered that when they heard about esports, which explains why there has been a huge increase in viewership and participation rates since the inception of all social activities in March 2020.