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3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 2)

Do not play strange odds

The C1 football prediction is not quite the place where scientific analysis can come into play. Because the football house always gives a lower bonus to ensure safety in these strange circumstances (ie 10 people lose, only 1 winner, more than half of the reward is only half of the share. 2 losers). Players should also not play bets that involve pure chance.

Players need to store the results, create a statistics book or memorize the web pages with statistics available to be able to easily track all parameters related to the prediction process.

Always give priority to the underdogs. Players need to remember special cases based on their own research, this is called accumulation of practical experience, these experiences will definitely need to be used at times: for example, striker A always loses. In front of midfielder X, or team B is always defeated by psychological pressure on the Y field.

Do not try to remove the gauze after making a false prediction

A player can never bet on something he cannot return if he is wrong. Even trying to lose face is not a good thing at all. For oneself must always be objective. Must be posed as a question like: Is my judgment on the strength of a certain team that both lost or won is correct or not?

Carefully choose the optimal odds to increase maximum success when predicting correct. Issues such as Firm A offer a very high bonus for the draw rate, or Firm B offers a very high bonus for the homeowner’s odds of winning, or Firm X has a very high reputation in making. Usually, the experts predicting C1 football on the internet will help players check this problem.

Finally, you must always be confident even when you fail. The results of C1 football prediction over a long and long history are always highly dependent on the scientific calculations of the player, less on the pure red-and-black chance of gambling. So always be confident in mastering these predictive games, as well as remembering to master yourself before the game. Good luck!

3 golden rules in predicting a small number of C1 (Part 1)

In this article, we will share with readers the golden formulas worth reference in football prediction in general and C1 football in particular.

The principles of probability in the construction and analysis ratios, odds, remarkable statistics and the most specific recommendations of experts to aim for the optimal results for players.

In a few more topics, this article will also explain in detail before coming to a conclusion that is simple and easy to remember. Then in the final section, we will recap once again those 10 things to help you predict C1 football most effectively.

MUNICH, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 06: A detailed view of a match ball on the pitch ahead of the UEFA Champions League group B match between Bayern Muenchen and Olympiacos FC at Allianz Arena on November 06, 2019 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Indiscriminate prediction cannot be used

Similar to the cardiac gambling often seen in movies. The loss of the scientific C1 football predictors manifests itself only after a long process of participation, when their luck and mishap have both happened with equilibrium.

At this level, the game of prediction is completely inclined to the problem of calculation, not the problem of gambling of chance anymore. Players need to forget about the fairy tale ending because for scientific prediction only points to the so-called maximum 6-4 loss.

That is why the mandatory requirement for those who predict C1 football is capital. That said, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to be able to have a lot of money, the problem here is that the cost of the initial capital must be low, that is, at the level that the player can bear when a chain of losses. successive failures occurred but still kept their principled prediction. Many players criticize 1/10 of their income as the cost of participating in soccer prediction, which means that they can accept to lose this amount.

For difficult matches, it’s okay not to predict. Players need to decisively ignore unpredictable matches, these are games that depend entirely on factors of chance or randomness, but cannot be calculated. For games like that, wait patiently for another chance to act.

Online gambling laws in Canada


In Canada, there are no particular laws explicitly related to online gambling but there were some discussions in the past years. For sure, online gambling is a little new market that has been developed quickly thanks to recently technological improvements.

What we should make clear is that players are not in any legal risk while playing online casino games, whether they are playing them just for having fun or as a part-time job. Another important thing to consider is that the winnings from online gambling activities are not taxable if they are not considered to be a full-time employment. On the other hand, if you are playing online casino games just for fun, you won’t be asked to pay any taxes upon your winnings.

In other words, it is considered an illegal activity to operate an online casino based in Canada but without a license. In general, it is recommended to always register at a trusted casino and avoid logging in those that are not licensed by a reputable authority. Gambling at offshore online casinos is not prohibited by laws. Therefore, you can try out your luck at some of them.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, online casinos remained popular in Canada and the market still thrives all the challenges. As gambling websites are allowed to advertise on the mainstream media, players keep registering for their online accounts, particularly during the lockdown.

When it comes to the US, the online gambling laws are much stricter and they are defined clearly as well. The legislators took a hard stance since 2011, especially on online poker. But that is not the case in Canada, many professional poker players from the US moved north. As a result, the top online poker sites have operated without big problems. Unlike the US, Canada remains a grey online casinos market and people still can play their favorite casino games online.

Unable to bet on sports, players switch to stocks

When there were no more matches to bet, gamblers turned to the stock market as a fire-fighting measure in the middle of the Covid-19 season.

The Financial Times (FT) notes that brokerage firms have seen a sharp increase in the number of new accounts opened as football fans seek new ways to bet in the midst of the absence of live football.

The Covid-19 pandemic slammed the doors of economic and entertainment activities, in which almost all major football events were postponed. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, for example, are now postponed to July 2021 and the Euro 2020 soccer tournament will be held next year.

Against this backdrop, 3 out of 4 US brokerage firms, Charles Schwab, ETrade and Interactive Brokers, added a total of 780,000 new clients in March or April 2020, FT said.

Rich Repetto, Senior Research Analyst at Sandler O’Neill, told FT: “People are buried at home, and don’t have online sporting events. Therefore, people turn to transactions for entertainment in the context of a recovering market”.

The rise in new clients came at a critical moment when Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and ETrade all reduced the fees for trading individual stocks, ETFs, and options.

Big players like Ameritrade have also followed in the footsteps of newer players like Robinhood – who was one of the first brokerage firms to reduce transaction fees to zero.

New players entering the stock market in recent weeks include Dave Portnoy, CEO of sports news and betting website Barstool Sports. According to FT, Portnoy poured $ 3 million into his ETrade account on March 23 – the day when the US stock market started to recover.

Daniel Goodwin (39 years old) – who works in the legal industry in Indiana – told FT that his routine every night is to bet $ 100 on some sports game.

Now that is not possible. So, Goodwin said he opened a stock trading account at Ettrade, deposited several thousand USD and started buying stocks a few weeks ago.

“I’m not here in the long run – I just want to bet $ 1,000 on something to know if I will make a few hundred or not,” Mr Goodwin told FT.

“With sports, if I throw $ 1,000 at something, I lose everything very quickly, but in stocks, if the market is unfavorable, you can still cut loss,” he added.

The stock market has faced strong volatility in recent months, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Yet, since bottoming out on March 23, the stock market has largely recovered, thanks to the loosening of blockades and hopes for the Covid-19 vaccine.

TOP 3 ways to bet on online football to win over 90% (Part 2)

2. Refer to the odds from many different bookmakers

The advice for everyone is not to bet on a single dealer. Currently, in the betting market there are many different reputable bookmakers, so each match the bookmakers will offer their respective odds. It is best to set up multiple betting accounts at many bookmakers to be able to compare bets to make it easier. At the same time, it will help you to make more accurate judgments about the results in each match.

In addition, each different bookie will offer different promotions for their members. Therefore, being a member at many bookies will help players get a lot of information, especially earning a huge profit from promotions.

Consider and consider carefully the odds before placing bets on each match and see the results on many different bookmakers. On that basis, it will help you to compare the odds most accurately between the bookmakers that will help find the right bet values ​​in each match.

3. Should not participate in betting on multiple matches

The player’s mentality always thinks that betting on many different soccer teams will increase their chances of winning at a high level. But in reality, this is the exact opposite. Because when participating in betting on many matches, there will be information confusion, confusion about the odds in each ball match. That means you need to spend more time calculating and thinking more and will also lead to wrong bets. Mistakes mean you lose your bet.

The best way to bet football is that you should only bet on each team once. In case of experience, a maximum of 3 teams should be wagered, then the chance of winning is high.

Hopefully, the information provided above has helped all players know how online football betting has a 90% chance of winning. But this is only for reference information, the win / loss depends a lot on each player, so please take the time to learn and accumulate experience to increase your chances of winning.

TOP 3 ways to bet on online football to win over 90% (Part 1)

The form of entertainment betting on football betting is now widely chosen by many people and earning huge profits. But to do this, it is necessary to go through a process of accumulating experience in online football betting, in order to increase your chances of winning.

What is online football betting?

What is online soccer betting? This question is interested by many players and discussed together on different forums or fanpages. Accordingly, the Soi Keo Tot experts who share the form of participating in football betting are that players rely on the odds offered to bet, when they win, they will get the corresponding profit. if you lose it will be empty.

Accordingly, before placing a bet, everyone needs to consider carefully to choose a reputable dealer to participate in betting to avoid fraud. In addition, it is necessary to learn about the rules of the game, gain more experience as well as correct betting strategies that have a high chance of winning. Exact online soccer betting methods are important, so each player is constantly learning and gaining experience!

Currently, there are many precise football betting methods shared by many experts, but you need to know how to select information to find the correct betting strategy. On the Good Bet Information Channel, football betting experts have shared about the ways to bet football online with more than 90% accuracy as follows:

 Update information regarding betting

For those who love the sport of football they will search for information related to that match, with football betting entertainment too if you like, please update the information. related to it. The best search for: each football team is also facing each other, their respective odds, methods of betting, the respective rights and obligations of players at each dealer, etc.

It is best to learn thoroughly, with depth to have a certain chance of winning. There is also a lot of relevant information you need to exploit thoroughly every small detail. These issues will assist as much as possible in the analysis and making a high degree of accuracy.

Instructions on how to bet on tennis at an online betting casino

Tennis is a sport game between two people using a net to hit a ball across the opponent’s field and based on that to calculate points. To meet the needs of players, top reputable bookmakers have introduced tennis betting. So let’s learn about tennis betting right now!

Tennis betting is where players place bets on the odds on tennis matches offered by the house. Tennis betting has only 2 teams usually 2 players competing against each other; or 4 players divided into 2 pairs of matches.

Tennis is a very developed and relatively easy sport to play; and easy to bet.

If a match site is moved to another place then all bets will be void. In the event of a match’s playing time being changed either plus or less to divide the win or lose all bets on that match will be void.

If a match is postponed or suspended then all bets will remain valid once the match is completed. If open bets are placed on each player or by game during a match then the match is postponed; or the player is disqualified for the duration of the match; then all wagers will be refunded for any bets placed on this match.

With parlays, when there are exceptions to the above matches, the parlay bets will automatically be considered for departure.

In the case of a match that starts before the scheduled match, bets placed before the match time will be considered an exception. Otherwise bets placed after the match has started will be considered void.

Types of Tennis bets

  • Open Bet: This is a bet in which a player will predict who will eventually win; Similar to the European handicap in football.
  • Handicap: Similar to football handicap; The tennis handicap is the house’s judgment of whoever is stronger will take a certain handicap. With tennis, it is usually 1 game handicap.
  • Over / under: The dealer will issue a number; and it is the player’s job to predict the total number of games played in this tennis match; will be higher or lower than the number given by the dealer. This big ball bet in tennis is similar to the big ball bet in football.
  • Odd / Even bet: An even bet is a player predicting whether the total number of games in the match will be an odd or even number to decide whether to win or lose.
  • Predict the winner of the first game: Simply predict which player or team will win the first game of the match.
  • Shake bet: Similar to soccer ball; Players can place bets over the course of the match until the end. Shake bets are applicable for handicap and over bet.
  • Note when participating in tennis betting

Tennis is an individual or team game of two people. There was no change so it was very common for the opponents to give up. Therefore Tennis players should refer to a few terms when their opponents give up in betting.

When a competitor retires, most of the house will cancel the game handicap. When betting live on a tennis match, the time between games is very important. Take the mid-game break to be more active with your bets.

How Does the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Sports Betting In Canada


The Covid-19 pandemic crisis crippled every sector of the economy. Unfortunately, the sports betting industry was not an exception. And in Canada, bookmakers were devastated. With all live games postponed or canceled, they had to look for other ways to cater to the needs of consumers. There is no need to deny that the world health crisis has adversely affected the sports betting industry in Canada, like in any part of the world.

Sports in Canada

Sports are vastly watched in Canada and the country is famous for winter sports and other well-known sports such as football and baseball. Due to the concerns about players contracting the dangerous virus, many sports bodies decided to cancel major leagues, such as the world figure skating championships in Montreal.

How about the sports betting industry?

The cancellation of live sports forced online casinos to cut down operating costs in order to stay afloat. To maintain normal operations, they had to look for alternatives.

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Canadian government banned public gatherings and restricted movement. As a result, physical casinos had to shut down and punters were confined to their homes and burn with the insatiable urge to bet. Therefore, the number of people signing up on online casinos has lightly increased.

With frozen live sports, online casinos provided a plethora of games such as poker, roulette, and slots, offering gaming enthusiasts a chance to earn a few bucks while enjoying pastime activity.

The Return of Sports

Now Canadians are slowly coming out of quarantine. They are hoping for a scenario of business as usual. A new normal is now a promising reality, which is good news for bookmakers. Sports federations are discussing how to facilitate the return of sports at the same time keeping residents safe.

The good news is that Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have started training, however, under specialized environments. That is not a  normal case and Canadians understand that resuming is not an easy task. It requires the cooperation of everyone to decrease the rates of new infections.  Bookmakers now also anticipate a return to normalcy in sports.

Application of the prestigious W88 bookie in Canada

For the convenience of players, online football and casino bookmakers have developed mobile apps. Capture the need to play betting anytime, anywhere, with unlimited space and time. Football bookmakers have continuously improved and upgraded their mobile apps to the best of their own.

The prestigious W88 bookie offers online casino and soccer betting in Canada, which is safe, secure, regulated and licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA). Currently being the dealer with the most number of players.

W88 is considered to be the leading football bookmaker in the field of football betting, and is the oldest in the football betting market in Vietnam. Due to its long entry into the market, W88 has built itself a strong empire. Without a doubt, the W88 bookie is always the name of choice when participating in football betting as well as playing online casino.

Considering the experience of W88’s interface and application, players will feel familiar and accessible. W88 regularly improves the enhancement and interface, making it easy for players to manipulate what they need. The main color tone is blue, the menus are large and clear, new players can easily get used to without having any problems.

Particularly, the mobile application is designed with trendy dark dark night tones, highlighting the content you want to display. The betting, withdrawal and deposit process is very well optimized by the dealer. You will easily do what you want in the most convenient way.

W88 divided into many applications corresponding to the content users want to play. Applications such as W88 sports, W88 Lite, W88 application of horse racing games, online casino, rock shock, fortune … To participate in football betting and various games at W88 bookie, press the button “Play now” below to open an account. After successful registration, you can download the app from the dealer website.

The most popular sports you can bet in Canada

Canada has a healthy climate, a thriving economy, a low crime rate and the enthusiasm of its people. All of these have made Canada the ideal name for settlement plans. 

One aspect that is less noticeable in this country, however, is the love of sport and the richness of the different sports. This is one of the big pluses if the person who wants to settle in Canada has the spirit of loving sports.

Here are some of the most popular red maple sports.


Canada has a very strong female cricket team participating in three U-19 World Cup events. The men’s team has also participated in three Cricket World Cup events. This sport in Canada is managed by Cricket Canada, which was founded in 1892.


Baseball is an age-old sport and is one of the most popular sports in Canada. The oldest baseball park in the world is still active at Labatt Park in Ontario. Canada has only one alliance, the Major League, Toronto Blue Jays


Football in Canada is different from the general form of football in the world, which originated in rugby but later evolved into Canadian football. The most professional league in the country is called the Canadian Football Federation. Gray Cup is one of the major football events in the country attracting millions of television viewers.


Lacrosse was declared Canada’s national sport in 1859 and a summer sport in 1994. This sport is played by thousands of people across Canada. Lacrosse is managed by the Lacrosse Association of Canada which was established in 1925. There are two professional professional tournaments in the country, the Liguex National Cup Federation and the Major League Lacrosse for the lacrosse league. Canada beat America 15-10 in the 2006 World Championship final in Lacrosse.


This is a very popular sportsi in Candada. It appeared in this country in the 19th century and has now become a national sport. Some of the major awards in the country are the Memorial Cup and the Men’s Allan Cup. There are also league championships in the country. The hockey governing body is Hockey Canada, which is also a member of the International Hockey Federation.